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​Matter of Chwick v Mulvey:
" If each of the New York's 62 Counties enacted ordinances that placed additional, 
Restrictions on licenses, as the amended ordinance effectively does, the Uniformity in firearm licensing that the legislature intended would be destroyed".

Open your eyes.  Start thinking for yourself and stop believing everything the media tells you. You are the first line of defense for your family, your loved ones, and yourself.

 - We are NOT "Uneducated Gun Toting Rednecks".  

- We are NOT "Gun Nuts"

 - We 
ARE "Responsibly Armed Citizens" who refuse to be victims.  We refuse to be unprepared.

All of us are blessed to live in this County, and "Once Great State" of ours.  We are under attack from the current administration's (Local, State, and Federal) gun grabbing and unconstitutional policies.  It's up to all of us to remind them that we are their constituents.  They are in their positions to represent us!


​​​A Message From The Creator of SaratogaCCW:

THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don't let other people tell you how to think. Don't let me tell you how to think, don't let the news tell you how to think, don't let your government tell you how to think. Learn as much as you can on any subject matter so, "you" can make a real informed decision.  

I believe that people are inherently good.  I also believe that evil does exist in this world.  For those of us who choose to conceal carry everyday, I know that it is is not a decision to be taken lightly.  We choose to accept the responsibility of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from harm.  We choose not to be forced to rely on someone else to take care of us.  For those of you who do not wish to assume that great responsibility, I understand and thank you for coming to that personal realization.  Carrying a concealed firearm is not for everyone.  There are so many people who own firearms, however know that they don't want to accept the responsibility of carrying concealed and that's OK!

I first created and launched in May of 2015.  Given the name,  my website's main goal was to finally see a pathway that gave my fellow Saratoga County residents the ability to possess, "unrestricted" carry licenses.  For roughly 40 years residents were more or less rubber stamp denied the opportunity.  I did my best to present all of the logical facts on the subject matter, highlighting the arbitrary nature in which the licensing process is implemented throughout the state in general.  I contacted many local & county officials simply asking them to review my website and the facts presented.  I gave every official the opportunity to respond with their take and/or view on the subject matter.  I dedicated a section of my website to highlighting the Saratoga County Town Supervisors and their personal beliefs on the subject.  Simple... "Yes" I support unrestricted CCW, or "No" I do not support unrestricted CCW.  I heard back from a handful of supervisors in support, and heard back from a select few of them taking my listing of their opinion as a "threat".  Really?... You're an elected official who's sole job is to represent your constituents.  Me listing your opinion on a subject that you disagree with is a threat?  It was truly disappointing how many supervisors either ignored my multiple requests for a response or took my informational website as a, "threat".  

Thankfully not everyone in a position to do something took what I was doing in a negative manor. Sometimes it just takes someone to lay out the facts and properly educate those of us in a position to actually make a difference before real change can actually happen.  

Without getting into to details, I would like to highlight that roughly 60 days after the creation of my website, the Saratoga County Sheriffs Office announced a formal path to unrestricted pistol permit for Saratoga County residents.

Change can happen... Just because something has been done a certain way for many years, doesn't make it the right way.  We are all tired of politicians who say one thing during their campaign, but do another once they are in office.  Please know that not all officials are like that.  There are good politicians out there who actually have their constituents' best interest in mind and not just their own.  

If you are reading this and you're living in a County within New York who practices the same outdated "rubber stamp" denial as Saratoga County once did, know that you can make a difference. Know that government was designed to work on a local level in order to enact real change.  One of my new goals is to finally unify the licensing of pistol licenses throughout the state as a whole.  There is no logical argument that can justify why if a New York State resident lived in a neighboring County that they would be given different constitutionally granted freedoms and rights regulated by New York State. Localities shouldn't have the right to treat a State issued license differently per County.  Knowing that this is the case, New York State Pistol License can be issued roughly 62 different ways based on the County that it's issued in.  This blatantly goes against the intention of the legislature.  This change can and will happen.  

There is one obvious & undeniable piece of paper that is somehow ignored all too often.  It's called the, "CONSTITUTION".  Oddly enough, there is also something called the, "BILL OF RIGHTS" which is so often overlooked.  All to often people say, "I believe in freedom of speech BUT".... "I believe in the 2nd Amendment BUT" ...  The language of the 2nd Amendment is clear!  "The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, Shall Not Be Infringed"  Simple... Clear... Straight to the point... If you don't like it, create and vote for a 28th Amendment repealing the 2nd.  Until then, which of the words included in the 2nd Amendment is confusing?  NONE!

Thank you to anyone visiting my website and reading it's content with an open mind.  Don't be afraid to contact your local elected officials and direct them to this website so they can also educate themselves on a subject matter that they may not have known much about.

I, like many others, pray that I never have to use my firearm in self-defense.  I never wish to injure, or even worse take anyone’s life.  But if I ever find myself in an extraordinary situation where running away or not getting involved isn’t an option, I know that I will be well prepared for the situation.

- God Bless The Military & Police everywhere for putting themselves in direct danger to defend us.

- God Bless The United States of America.

- God Bless The State of New York​​  (change can and will come)

Best Regards,

We Are The Responsibly Armed Citizens of New York State

Saratoga CCW... Responsible & Educated


To Uniform the NYS Pistol License Process Throughout New York


We Have NO Ulterior Motives.

We Don't Want Your Money.

We Don't Need Your Information.

We NEED A Unified Front in
New York State!

​Like all other NYS Licenses,  The New York State Legislature intended all Pistol Licenses to be uniformly issued without political or personal bias from the Licensing Body.

We are here to remind our  New York Legislature that localities are not allowed to treat the issuing of Licenses in any way that can be viewed as, "Arbitrary or Capricious".  

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