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THINK AGAIN! There Is Always More Than Meets The Eye When Ego's & A Personal Feeling of Self Worth Comes Into Play


Like it or not, Politics and Politicians aren't going anywhere.  It's up to citizens like you and I
to hold them personally accountable when they either don't follow through with campaign
promises or clearly disregard their oath of office.  

Don't just walk into a voting booth and blindly vote for the (R) or (D).  Know who you are voting for!  We
here at SaratogaCCW really don't care who you vote for as long as you are actually educated on the
candidate and their policies.  You need to diligently do your homework and not just rely on the
mainstream media to tell you what to believe.  One group of voters that ALL major political parties
rely on is the, "Low Information Voter".  Don't be one!  In todays day and age information is everywhere,
and not knowing what's going on, or not caring is simply unacceptable.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

SaratogaCCW isn't afraid to tell anyone willing to listen that we consider ourselves conservatives.  It's hard for us  to affiliate with either the Republican or Democrat Party Establishments.  Why...?  Because wether you're an elephant or a donkey, you will likely put your personal ego, reputation, and goals ahead of your constituents.  Look at the November 2014 elections.  Our country spoke loud and clear that we were not going to stand for the current administrations "policies", "executive orders", or "desire for a personal legacy".  Our politicians aren't where they are by accident.  We put them there!  And what have they done?  NOTHING... Why haven't any of these things happened you may ask yourself... Why?...  Because the politicians that we put into office care more about their personal image and how a government shutdown would, "look" rather than fulfilling their promise to their constituents.  They care more about their jobs and not making waves, rather than standing up for the people they swore to represent.  We here at SaratogaCCW are here to reinforce just how important it is for you to hold your elected officials responsible for either their actions or lack there of. Everyone has the right to complain about their government, however if you don't try and do something about it nothing will ever be accomplished.

Brief Local Saratoga, NY Politics.
You are likely aware of the recent option to have your NYS Pistol License Restrictions lifted within Saratoga County.  This was a great victory for Pro 2nd Amendment and Constitution supporters everywhere!  Pretty straight forward right?  Wrong!  Why?... Politics!  It is undeniable that Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo had a large influence on what transpired in regards to the new Saratoga Unrestricted Pistol License Class.  Believe it or not there are so called ,"Pro 2nd Amendment supporters" and, "conservatives" who are actually badmouthing what took place here in Saratoga. Unbelievable you would think, but it's true!  This negative speech was even broadcast on local Albany radio.  Because these individuals don't support Sheriff Zurlo, anything that he implements regardless of content is fair game to criticism. Politics!!! This is a small example that highlights that regardless of the actual outcome, there are always going to be individuals who care so much about who put a policy into place rather than the policy itself.  Big egos and a strong personal feeling of self worth comes into play way too often.  Putting themselves ahead of the people.   Just like when politicians show up for photo ops and personal appearances because it's, "good press".  Ever go to an event, or be involved with a charity when last minute an elected official shows up for a picture then takes off?  Yea... That happens too often too. Bickering and trash talk between politicians or people who supposably have the same goals in mind is completely unacceptable.  It does nothing but cripple and hinder the cause.

During Sheriff Zurlo's election campaign on 9/5/13 he said, "Thank you for your question on the restricted vs unrestricted permit. Contrary to what others have been saying, I fully support carry concealed permits. Furthermore, as Sheriff I will meet with the Judge who ultimately makes the final decision on carry concealed permits to discuss the permit process, ways to expedite it and to discuss their view and willingness to take a new approach with relaxing restrictions as others do across NYS."  As far as we here at SaratogaCCW are concerned Sheriff Zurlo promised something during his campaign and he followed through once he was in office.  This puts him in a very positive light when he is up for reelection in 2017.  He certainly has the support of SaratogaCCW!

Wether you believe in a larger government and their vast involvement in our everyday lives because the, "people" can't be trusted or a smaller government with limited involvement where the, "people" want to be left alone to run their own lives... The "people" of our country are tired of career politicians who put themselves ahead of actual goals. Someone who says one thing, but does another. Someone who puts their own agenda ahead of what's best for the people.  It is up to all of us to stand up for what we believe in and don't back down!  Change can and will come!

What Can You Do?

WRITE TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS! Politicians lie, because WE LET THEM.  Politicians focus on their own personal agenda, because WE LET THEM. Too many people complain about their politicians but do nothing about it!  Don't be concerned about upsetting them.  Guess what... They upset you! Write to them.  Call them.  Remind them why they are in office!  The political system was designed to work from the ground up.  Start local and work your way to the top.  Local governments are the foundation to this great county of ours.