If you are unsure of who your NYS Pistol Licensing Official is or where to send your restrictions removal request, please contact your Local County Sheriff's Office. They should be able to help you.

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​Dear (Licensing Officials Name),

I am writing to request that my New York State Pistol License Restrictions be removed. (Your Pistol License #)

Throughout my life I have proven myself to be trustworthy and a law abiding citizen of good moral character. 

I am requesting that my New York State Pistol License issued by (your county) carry restrictions be removed so that I may concealed carry for the purpose of personal and family protection.  Concealed Carry is a great responsibility that should never be taken lightly.  I am well educated and proficient with my firearm.  With great power, comes even greater responsibility.

I would like to highlight The Matter of Chwick v Mulvey - 2010 NY Slip Op 09911.  The opinion of the court states, "If each of New York's 62 Counties enacted ordinances that placed additional restrictions on licenses, as the amended ordinance effectively does, the uniformity in firearm licensing that the Legislature intended would be destroyed."  

It is widely known that equally responsible New York State Citizens located in other counties within New York State have a completely different opportunity to acquire an unrestricted New York State Pistol License than I am because I reside within (your county).  Knowing that, it personally makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen within my own State because the County I live in has proven to have a different interpretation of NYS Penal Law § 400.00 than other counties.  If (your county) residents of good moral character don't have a clear opportunity or avenue to acquire an Unrestricted Carry License similar to other counties within New York State doesn't that make the legislative institution of issuing licenses arbitrary in itself?  If vested officials who are granted the authority to issue carry licenses have developed their own unwritten or unspoken standards for issuing such licenses, it appears that they have created their own legislative policies and rules.  I don't see where the New York State Legislature has delegated the power to declare policy or promulgate rules to the 62+ licensing officials.   It is of my opinion that, "proper cause," like "good cause" is in itself not capable of reasonable application, and therefore should not be viewed as a sufficient standard to guide administrative officials in their licensing determinations.  

I mean no disrespect and I hope that you understand that I am respectfully asking to be treated and ruled upon in the universal manor as the Legislature intended.  I personally practice and encourage firearms education and training.  I strive to stay well educated on all laws that pertain to firearms and concealed carry license holders and I am fully aware of the responsibility that comes along with carrying concealed. 

I love the State and County in which my family and I live.  I assure you that I will continue to stay educated on this subject matter and I hope that you can see the sincerity and legitimacy of my request. 

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.


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The more research and homework that you do regarding how Pistol Licenses are issued throughout New York State, the more you will learn how arbitrary the system itself is.  The system is broken!  It's up to everyone in New York State to remind our officials that you have  the same rights as all other citizens within both New York State and the United States of America.  Don't be afraid to write letters and remind your elected officialsthat they work for you!

All of our Licensing Officials have sworn an oath to the Constitution of the United States.   Many (not all) seem to forget that.  Most Lawyers, and Judges make their rulings or generate their opinions based on, "case law".  Meaning "How have other judges ruled on a similar subject matter".  Not directly how they would necessarily interoperate a law.  Surprisingly most law schools don't even mention the Constitution.  Law students study case law for years.  Their classes consist of making arguments based on other cases that have already taken place.  For some reason everyone always seems to avoid the two big fat elephants in the room called, THE CONSTITUTION and THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

Here's a bit of case law that cannot be ignored:

​Matter of Chwick v Mulvey:

" If each of the New York's 62 Counties enacted ordinances that placed additional, Restrictions on licenses, as the amended ordinance effectively does, the Uniformity in firearm licensing that the legislature intended would be destroyed".

Why is it that if we lived in a different County within "New York State" our, "New York State" Pistol License would be treated differently?  Isn't that the definition of, "Arbitrary and Capricious"?

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